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    One day I and my mom were just sitting and talking and bholy came over too. We heard knock on door. Mom went to see who was at door. When she opened the door there was man stood at the door. He said how are you, my dear sister. They both hugged each other. He came in where we were sitting. Mom introduced him as her cousin from back home. He went to Africa many years agoتحميل سكس. Is this bilo he asked? Yes mom said. And who is this beautiful girl sitting next to Bilo? She is bholy mom said. She said hi and uncle also said hi to Bholy. He said Bilo has grown as young lady. She was just little when I saw her lastصور سكس.
    Yes c***dren grow up fast mom said. Sit down n chat with Bilo and Bholy I will make tea for us all. Mom went in kitchen and uncle sat one chair and started to chit chat. I asked few questions as to what he do there how is Africa compare to India. Bholy also join in conversation. We seem to get along with each other. He was about 55 years old and in good health. He was over 6 foot tallسكس حيوانات. Mom came back with tea she sat next to uncle. WE must have talked for about 2 hours. We found out he never married. In conversation he hinted that he will stay here for a week if it is ok with us. We all said sure no problem here. There on couple of rooms empty. You came your self your own home.
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    Bholy got up to leave , uncle got up and shock her hand to say bye. Uncle went out to field just to do walk. He cam back after hour or so. When he came back we watched some TV and more chit chat. I was begging to like him he was joke about African people.
    Made us laugh. At night mom took him on second floor to show him his room. Mom was there for 15 minutes. When mom came back she seem happy.

    When we were removing our cloths to go bed. She had lust in her eyes.
    Your eyes are telling some thing? She pushed me on bed and jumped on me.
    Is some thing have to do with uncle? She starts to suck my boobs and with other hand she was massaging my pussy. I was getting turned on. She got on top of me to grind her pussy on my pussy. We both cum. The she relaxed, I asked her what has happened with uncle? Mom said when we were younger we use to kiss each other. Oh nice I said. Did he fucked u then? No he did not just feeling each other. سكسWe wanted to but did not get time n empty place any where. We did not want our parent to find out. We had big family was never alone. What happened up there? As soon as went in room he grabbed me n kissed me deep. He started to grind his lunn on my pussy. He said lets do it. I said not now but we will do it in nice way so we can enjoy it not in hurry. He took his cock out I and I gave him blow job. He have nice thick lunn cockمقاطع سكس. As mom was telling I was getting wet again.
    So what is the plan now? Do u want me to go away for few hours. That is one way mom said. What is the other way? Mom had naughty smile on her face. I said don’t hold off tell me. Your uncle like you too mom said. You mean we both do with him just like b*o and u me 3some? I was thinking that mom said. Thank you mom you are nice mom looking after your daughtسكس محارم. He also like Bholy but first we do 3some then maybe involved Bholy if she want to. Sound good I said. When we going to do it? We can do it now but I was thinking tomorrow be best. We can do it all day. Good idea mom you are great.

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